Corporate Team Builds

A group build day provides a great team-building opportunity!  If you want to take this opportunity a step further for your group, ask about our team-building package.  Whether your group is corporate, social, or religious, it’s important for everyone to learn to work together efficiently. Building together and participating in additional group activities can help build communication and friendship between group members. Getting out of the office and working together in a different environment helps strengthen communication and builds a tighter bond.

We have created a special team-building experience package which allows your team to:

  • Gain new skills and discover new ways to solve problems together
  • Learn how to be an effective team from a respected local speaker
  • Learn construction techniques while strengthening team work
  • Strengthen interpersonal bonds while giving back to the community

All participants receive:

  • A GFHFH T-Shirt
  • Lunch, snacks, bottled water and sodas


  • 100% of donated fees are collected and used for local builds
  • Half day of team build only $500 for weekdays, $1000 for Saturdays
  • Full day of team build only $1000 for weekdays, $1500 for Saturdays

For more information, email (or complete the Volunteer Group Request Form and indicate your interest).