Why Is Habitat Needed

Approximately 1/3 of the nation has housing problems, including overcrowding, homelessness, unsafe conditions, and lack of affordability. As of January 2012, the US Census Bureau reports that 10.3% of people in Virginia live below the poverty threshold. This is an estimated 800,000 people. In Fredericksburg, 17.6% live below the poverty threshold, totaling an estimated 4,274 people.

The Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity addresses the housing issue by:

Building Dignity: Habitat builds houses alongside families who demonstrate a need and willingness to partner with our organization. Families invest hundreds of hours of their “sweat-equity” labor into the houses. Their monthly mortgage payments help fund the construction of more houses.

Building Relationships: Modeled on biblical principles, Habitat’s solution to the challenge of substandard housing is to invite individuals from different backgrounds to find common ground through service.

Building Community: As people join together to work side by side on Habitat build sites, bonds of friendship and unity are forged between homeowners, neighbors, and volunteers.

What We Do

BUILD: We build simple, decent and affordable homes. Habitat is environmentally conscious by building homes to meet EarthCraft standards. We construct sustainable, energy-efficient, safe, and healthy housing. When constructing a one-story, home we build to Easy Living guidelines to guarantee accessibility.

REHABILITATE: We rehabilitate homes to ensure they are energy efficient and safe. Rehabilitation focuses on major construction, which may include structural, exterior, or interior renovations.

REPAIR: Through A Brush with Kindness, Habitat assists homeowners with repairs required to preserve their health and safety, as well as the accessibility of their current homes.

REUSE: Habitat’s ReStore is a resale outlet that sells reusable and surplus building materials to the public. The proceeds help fund the construction of Habitat homes within our community.

RECYCLE: Aluminum cans are recycled through more than 160 drop off sites. Recycling helps us generate funds for building houses. Contact us for more information.