Thrivent Builds

Habonimana groundbreakingHabitat for Humanity International® and Thrivent Financial® have a long history of partnership. Thrivent has invested over 213 million in Habitat builds worldwide since 2005. Nationally, Thrivent is Habitat’s largest private sponsor. Thrivent chooses which affiliates to partner with through a competitive process, and we are very proud to be one of the affiliates chosen this year.

This partnership is especially important because Thrivent and Habitat share a commitment 11188417_10153374833244673_857703827718408891_nto continually improving our communities. Thrivent‘s structure emphasizes the common bond and values among Thrivent members, and members are called to support one another and their communities.

Our first Thrivent Build partner family is the Habonimanas, who fled Burundi when a bloody civil war broke out. They escaped to a Tanzanian refugee camp with no place to go and no home to go back to. Eventually, they were sponsored to come to the U.S. and they have painstakingly found jobs, learned English, and worked to build a bright future for their children. Home has a very poignant meaning for them, and they have worked tremendously hard for the opportunity to buy a home with zero percent interest. The Habonimanas are now living in their home in North Stafford and we are so blessed to have worked in giving them a hand up.

If you would like to meet with a local Thrivent Representative to learn how they can help your families financial planning click here.