What is the tithe?

In covenant with Habitat for Humanity International, affiliates tithe 10% of undesignated donations to sister affiliates.  Acting on the belief that all of our brothers and sisters need at least a simple, decent, affordable, healthy place in which to live, we share the amazing abundance of our God with people we do not know.  We believe that there is enough to go around – if we all share.

The Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity tithes ten percent of unrestricted funds to support Habitat’s mission worldwide. Our tithe has previously been applied to projects in Jamaica. Since 2006 our tithe has been applied to Habitat for Humanity Haiti and the 2010 earthquake rebuilding efforts in Haiti. We have also worked together with Habitat for Humanity International and Habitat for Humanity Haiti by sending local volunteers to help create safe, secure and permanent places to call home.

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