Veterans Build

Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity is leading the charge as one of the first affiliates to begin this program. Habitat for Humanity’s national initiative is to provide housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families.

The Fredericksburg area’s first Veterans Build is the Ebenezer Veterans Build, which has been made possible by a significant gift from Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Stafford. The home is well underway in the Lake Arrowhead subdivision of western Stafford. Church members have helped with everything from raising the walls to roofing the shed!

As of July, the drywall is up and painting is in progress.

Why is Habitat for Humanity focusing on veteran needs?

VB Family 2• More than 1.5 million of these households pay more than 50 percent of income for housing (severe cost burden).
• One million veterans who own homes are severely cost burdened, despite having access to VA loans and other assistance.
• Approximately 1.4 million veterans (6.7 percent) live in poverty.

We are focused on:

  1. Build: Provide simple, decent and affordable housing solutions for military, veterans VB Familyand their families.
  2. Mobilize: Engage military members, veterans, families, veterans’ groups and all military supporters in volunteer programs and veteran-related advocacy.
  3. Employ: Capitalize on skill sets gained from military service with recruitment targeting veterans as Habitat for Humanity International/local affiliate employees, board members and extended volunteers, national service members, interns and fellows.
  4. Educate: Promote cultural competency for Habitat affiliates engaging military and veterans and provide access to financial literacy and homeownership education programs.
  5. Honor: Host regular slate of events highlighting veteran housing needs and honoring their service. Target dates include the 9/11 Day of Service, MLK Day and Veterans Day.

Upcoming Events

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