Women Build 2014

Bowie/Green Meet the Green-Bowie Family

Dyron and Melanie have been one of the hardest working families in our program.  They helped build the Lake Arrowhead house and Melanie was a big part of our “Women who Build Gala.”

Brenda Wiberg Memorial Women Build

IMG_0050Brenda A. Wiberg, wife of Carl Wiberg, Sr., a local Coldwell Banker Elite agent, and past member of the GFHFH Board of Directors, passed away in May of 2008. She worked at Coldwell Banker Elite’s Stafford office and was described as Coldwell’s “heart and soul.”  The Wiberg family had asked that contributions be given to Habitat for Humanity in remembrance of Brenda and the first Women Build for Habitat has been deservingly named in her honor. We’d like to thank the Wiberg family for their loving memorial towards the fulfillment of the dream of home ownership for the Green-Bowie family.

Brenda’s coworkers reminisced about Brenda and the impact she had on their lives and the lives of so many others in the community, “I worked with Brenda and Carl at Coldwell Banker Elite. Brenda was well known and loved in the community and I’m so glad the first Women Build was dedicated to her.”

Positivity and warmth welcomed our first dedicated to Wiberg, “I think this is wonderful! To be able to honor a woman who was so well liked in the community.”

“What a lovely and pertinent way to remember her.”
Thank you for your unconditional support to build this home. It now is inhabited by the Bowie-Greens and they have been enjoying a safe and affordable home they can finally call their own.